Granada - The Moorish jewel

Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and offers an unforgettable historical backdrop. Visitors from all over the world come here to admire and explore the remarkable Moorish buildings. The center is easy to explore on foot and combines authentic neighborhoods, colorful markets, flamenco and various tapas bars.

The most famous sight is the Alhambra Granada. The historic palace is considered the pinnacle of Islamic architecture and will impress and captivate you with its fascinating beauty.

Distance: 110km
Car: 1h 10min

Ronda - The city on a rocky plateau

Ronda is a small town in Andalusia and is one of the white villages. The town is known above all for its unique location. The old town was built on a rocky plateau and is separated from the rest of the city by a ravine. The two parts are connected by the famous “Puente Nuevo” bridge.

Other highlights of the city are the Moorish baths “Banos Arabes”, the Moorish building “Casa del Rey Moro” and the viewpoint “Mirador de Ronda”, which offers you a breathtaking view over the vastness of Andalusia.

Distance: 80 km
Car: 1h 10min

El Torcal

The El Torcal nature reserve is a perfect excursion destination for hikers and adventure seekers. Two hiking trails with different levels of difficulty are marked and freely accessible to everyone. They offer breathtaking views over the region. A third hiking trail leads to the highest point of El Trocal (1,400m). However, it is only accessible on guided tours, for which you can register at the visitor center. Tip: if the weather is right, you can even see the African coast.

Distance: 37 km
Car: 0h 40min

Cordoba - history you can touch

Cordoba is the third largest city in Andalusia and takes you on a journey through time. The city can easily be explored on foot, as almost all the sights are located in the city center. The Jewish quarter and the famous patios (inner courtyards decorated with flowers) are particularly worth seeing.

Probably the most famous sight and an absolute must-see is the Mezquita. An old mosque that was later converted into a Catholic church. Features of both religions can still be found in the complex today and you can marvel at the fusion of the two religions.

Other highlights include the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos and the Puente Romano. Tip: Cordoba is known for its many fiestas and ferias, which mainly take place in spring and early summer.

Distance: 120 km
Car: 1h 20min

Antequera - the heart of Andalusia

Antequera is a small town in the province of Malaga, with a beautiful old town, small streets and, above all, a large number of churches. Around 40 churches and convents can be visited and admired in the small town.

Another highlight are the dolmen sites of Antequera, just a few minutes away, which are home to a number of cultural and historical monuments.
natural monuments.

Distance: 26 km
Car: 25min

Seville - The capital of Andalusia

Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain and enchants visitors with its many historical highlights. The old town is characterized by the Arabic culture of the Moors. The many narrow streets, the parks and the many museums, palaces and towers invite you to stroll and wander.

The absolute highlights of the city are the Alcazar Royal Palace, the Plaza de Espana and Seville Cathedral. A more modern highlight of the city is the Metropol Parasol, the so-called “mushrooms of Seville”. Opened in 2011, the building is the largest wooden structure in the world and is located in the heart of the city center. The building houses a historical museum with finds from Roman times, the large market hall, many stores and bars as well as a variety of restaurants. At the very top, a panoramic terrace enchants with a wonderful view over the building and the old town of Seville. The Barrio de Triana district is also the birthplace of typical Spanish flamenco.

Distance: 138 km
Car: 1h 25min

Gibraltar - British flair in southern Spain

Gibraltar is a peninsula in southern Spain that is considered a British Overseas Territory. It is best known for its many Barbary macaques, which are mainly found on the rock. Some of the monkeys are very trusting and can be admired at close range.

Other highlights of the city include St. Michaels Cave, the Pillars of Hercules and Main Street, which offers countless shopping opportunities. Many products that can be purchased in Gibraltar are VAT-free, which is why Gibraltar is considered a real shopper’s paradise.

Distance: 200 km
Car: 2h 20min

Marbella - luxury with charm

Marbella zählt als Stadt der Schönen und Reichen und verfügt über eine hohe Popularität bei Promis. Vor allem der Jachthafen „Puerto Banús“ ist bei den VIPs besonders beliebt. Aber auch die Altstadt hat einiges zu bieten.

Absolute Highlights sind der mit Orangenbäumen gesäumte Plaza de los Naranjos, das Rathaus und der Parque de la Alameda. Außerdem lädt Marbella, mit 20 Stränden, an der 30 km langen Küste, zu entspannenden Strandtagen ein. Für Wanderbegeisterte gibt es ebenfalls viele Möglichkeiten. Ein Beispiel ist eine Wanderung direkt vom Stadtzentrum nach Ojén über den Puerto del Acebuche.

Entfernung: 125 km
Auto: 1h 15min


From Fuente de Piedra there are various hiking trails with different levels of difficulty. There are short and easy hikes that even inexperienced hikers can master, but there are also longer and more challenging hikes that require a certain level of fitness. The beautiful nearby lagoon area is particularly popular with hikers.

Laguna de Fuente de Piedra


This easy hike takes you from Fuente de Piedra to the lagoon and back. The hike is suitable for all fitness levels and the paths are mostly on paved surfaces. The starting point of the hike is the Tejada restaurant in Fuente de Piedra.

Time: 1h 23min
Distance: 5,30 km

La Vicaria


The hike leads across the northwest of the lagoon to the area of La Vicaria. It takes you past various viewpoints where you can enjoy the wonderful view of the lagoon. The paths are
and the hike is suitable for all fitness levels. The starting point is the parking lot at the visitor center.

Time: 1h 30min
Distance: 6,90 km

"Small" tour around the lagoon

moderately difficult

On the hike, you will walk on well-maintained paths, but due to the length, you should still be in good physical condition. The starting point of this hike is at the parking lot near the lagoon visitor center.

Time: 4h 53min
Distance: 19.00 km

Humilladero viewpoint

moderately difficult

On this hike, you will hike to a viewpoint in the small village of Humilladero. Humilladero is one of the “white villages” and is surrounded by a beautiful, unspoiled landscape. The viewpoint is located on a small mountain, so a good basic level of fitness is required. The hiking trails are easy to walk on. The starting point of the hike is at the parking lot north of the La Sierrecilla campsite in Humilladero (3.7 km from Fuente de Piedra)

Time: 2h 05min
Distance: 7,33 km

Big lap around the lagoon


This hike takes you a little further around the entire lagoon, past various viewpoints. The paths are easy to walk on, but you should be in good physical condition and have a good level of fitness for this tour. The starting point of the tour is in the parking lot at the visitor center.

Time: 5h 23min
Distance: 20,70 km


The region around Fuente de Piedra is particularly popular with cyclists. There are a variety of cycle routes that are suitable for everyone. The tours have different levels of difficulty and different lengths.

Flamingo Route


Short bike tour through the eastern part of the nature reserve around the lagoon. The tour consists mainly of paved paths and is suitable for all fitness levels. The starting point is the parking lot at the lagoon visitor center.

Time: 1h
Distance: 11,80 km

Fuente de Piedra lagoon - circular route

moderately difficult

The bike tour takes you around the entire lagoon, past various viewpoints with picturesque views of the lagoon. The tour consists mainly of paved paths and requires a good basic level of fitness. The starting point is the parking lot at the lagoon visitor center.

Time: 1h 25min
Distance: 23,30 km

Cerro del Palo & Parque Santillan

moderately difficult

This cycle tour starts in the lagoon nature reserve and takes you through the picturesque little Santillan Park and the beautiful village of Mollina. The paths are mostly paved. Due to the length of the tour, you should have a certain basic fitness level. The starting point is the parking lot at the lagoon visitor center.

Time: 2h 50min
Distance: 38.20 km